Red:Out footage will make WipeOut fans happy

Redout 3

Developers 34BigThings promise "the fastest arcade racer since the good old days of F-Zero and WipEout", and those comparisons are justified based on the early footage spotted by PCGamesN. Glossy tracks, loop-the-loops, track adornments that strobe into burning coils of light as you bounce around each improbable bend, a sound track that goes BOP-BOP-BOP-BOP at a slightly faster pace than a resting heart rate - yes please.

The team sums up their track design philosophy like this: "Racetracks are boring. Race on rollercoasters." It's named after a phrase for the reddening of vision under extreme G-force, with a bonus colon because all PC game names have to have colons in them that's the law.

Here is more, from the studio's YouTube channel.

And here are some pictures, from the studio's website.

Redout 1

Redout 2

Redout 3

Neat, no?

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