We're not sure what went wrong with Reddit, but it's fixed now (Updated)

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Update (3:10 pm PT): And just like that, Reddit is back. It's still not clear what happened but Reddit announced just before 3 pm PT that a fix has been implemented. Reddit says it's monitoring the situation to ensure that all is well, but based on my own quick poke around the site, everything seems good. 

Original story:

Don't be alarmed if you can't load any pages on Reddit, because it's not just you: Reddit is reporting major outages impacting both desktop and mobile sites.

Downdetector is also reporting a massive spike in user reports indicating that something, somewhere is very wrong.

It's not clear what the issue actually is at this point, but it may be related to Reddit's account system. Pages seem to load without trouble when logged out or accessed through an incognito window.

Reddit has acknowledged the problem, saying at 1:58 pm PT that it is "currently investigating elevated error rates across Reddit."

We've reached out to Reddit for more information and will update when we can.

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