ReCore: Definitive Edition and free expansion due out next week

Microsoft have announced ReCore: Definitive Edition, a spruced up version of Armature Studio’s sci-fi action platformer. It’s due out next week, and if you own the original version, you’ll get it as a free update. 

The Definitive Edition adds increased resolution and HDR, along with a new adventure, Eye of Obsidian, and the T8-NK Corebot—a tank you can drive over quicksand. The other Corebots are getting new gear, too, and so is protagonist Joule. 

James didn’t get on well with the original version, calling it a great action platformer buried under layers of open-world busywork.

“ReCore’s action is good on its own, it's just completely diminished by a grotesque open world structure that hides it away and chops it up with progress gates,” he said in his ReCore review. “As a means of setting the scene, the vast sandscapes do well to characterize Far Eden as a fresh rimworld ready for whatever sci-fi terraforming technology future humanity has cooked up. But they’re empty, with no vehicles and few fast travel checkpoints, forcing me to jam the dash button as I traverse long, barren stretches. I spent about six hours just running between objectives and looking for required collectibles.”

ReCore Definitive Edition is will be free for owners of the original and $19.99 for everyone else. It’s due out on August 29.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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