Receiver now on Steam - realistic gun sim in a cyberpunk world

Guns, hey? Ridiculously simple to operate, I've always thought. Just hold down the left mouse button for a unstoppable spray of bullets, laser beams, plasma, or physics. So why Receiver feels the need to complicate things is a mystery. Supposedly Wolfire's shooter - originally created for the 7-day FPS Challenge, and now available through Steam - attempts to map each function of a handgun to make it closer resemble real life. Wait, WHAT?! You mean to tell me that guns aren't fictional? Even the BFG? Why would anybody build that?

Receiver lets you operate a Colt 1911 pistol, S&W Model 10 "Victory" revolver, and Glock 17, all with a basic approximation of their real functions. What isn't based in reality is any other part of the game: it's procedurally generated, filled with flying taser drones and set in a Matrix-like alternate reality in which the word "Mindkill" is a thing.

In celebration of the Steam release, Receiver is reduced by 20% to £3.19 until May 6th. Videos below:

Phil Savage

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