Rebel Galaxy is free for a week on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Double Damage Games)

Another week, another Epic Games Store freebie. This time it's swashbuckling space sim Rebel Galaxy, and you can add it to your library today. 

I remember it being quite good! OK, that isn't the best recommendation, I know, so here's what Chris had to say in his Rebel Galaxy review:

"If I hadn't been reviewing it I may never have gone back, but I am, and I did, and I'm glad. Rebel Galaxy, a space action combat RPG created by two-person studio Double Damage Games, gets off to a slow start, and while it features a little too much repetition and grinding for my tastes, there are some exciting and chaotic space battles and an enjoyable, if not highly original, selection of activities. It also looks great: wonderfully designed ships, crackling weapon effects, beautiful lighting, and gorgeous explosions."

It's also getting a sequel, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which is more of a dogfighting space sim. Check out three hours of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw gameplay.

In a week, you'll be able to grab Last Day of June for free, too. It's an interactive tale about love and loss that's a joy to look at but can be a chore to play. Give Austin's Last Day of June review a read.

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