Real Farm release date set, first in-game footage revealed

I've said it before, but I don't know the first thing about farming simulators. Luckily, according to Steam reviews of Giants Software's Farming Simulator 2017, loads of you do and, better still, loads of you enjoy them. Techland is working on its own variation of agricultural adventure with Pure Farming 2018, while newcomer Triangle Studios now has a launch date for its incoming farm 'em up Real Farm. 

Due on October 20, 2017, Real Farm also has a new in-game footage trailer. Observe:

Said to target both serious farm simulation fans and less familiar players, Real Farm will boast "two distinctive game modes" in 'Free Mode' and 'Career Mode', so says publisher Sodesco.  

From front to back, Free Mode mirrors the competition by offering "the simulator experience which fans of the genre know and love." This sees players starting off on a fully-functional farm where you're free to expand as you see fit. 

Career Mode, on the other hand, has players starting from the bottom of the ladder as a contractor. Here you'll work jobs and missions for other, better established farmers, before upping your reputation and, crucially, your income. Once you've got the cash you can splash out on your own farm and go from there. 

Despite being far from well versed in farm sims, the latter sounds really interesting and almost sounds like a variation of Football Manager or FIFA's The Journey.  

Again, Real Farm is due on PC October 20, 2017.