Pure Farming 2018 release date confirmed

It came as somewhat of a surprise when Dying Light developer Techland announced Pure Farming 2017: The Simulator this time last year. It's since dropped the awkward post-colon appendage, been delayed into next year, and renamed to suit. It's also now got a launch date: March 13, 2018. 

It's also, also got a new trailer which showcases some as yet unseen in-game footage. Let's watch that first:

"The whole world is my farm," says the narrator above, before the trailer shows off where in the world players can set up shop as they grow, harvest and cultivate en masse. That might be in, say, Colombia's coffee farms; in Montana, the so-called "heart of American farming"; on an olive farm in Italy; or in Japan, the "land of the cherry blossom". 

If preordering is something you're interested in, doing so will also grant you access to the Bavaria, Germany map where growing rapeseed and raising sheep are listed as "exclusive activities". More details on that can be found this-a-way

A Digital Deluxe Edition of the base game will also include the German map alongside surplus outfits, and three exclusive machines designed by Lindner, Gomselmash, and Landini. Furthermore, a playable demo will feature at Gamescom next week if you plan on stopping by.

Pure Farming 2018 is due March 13, 2018.