Razer's new gaming mouse is its lightest ever

A gaming mouse can be a pretty signature piece of kit for many PC gamers. They're also probably one of the most divisive peripheral categories on the scene. Ask a group of PC gamers what their favourite gaming mouse is and you'll likely get a different answer from each one. There are just so many variables even for specialised FPS and MMO mice. Now, here to add yet more variation to the scene is the Viper Mini Signature Edition, Razer's smallest gaming mouse yet.

With the current market, almost any gaming mouse desires you have can be catered for. But one thing I still don't see a lot of is smaller gaming mice. When you consider how many younger folks game, it's kinda surprising—let alone adults with smaller hands, or just people who like a nice little portable mouse. The newly announced Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition is looking to fill that niche with a little mouse packed with big gamer cred. And with a big gamer price tag to go with it.

Razer describes the Viper Mini SE in its press release as, I'm not kidding you, "a magnesium alloy gaming masterpiece", which would have given me some good use of that lol Verifier machine we wrote about recently. Perhaps it can live up to that; it's a cool looking piece of mini kit after all, complete with an intense matte black webbed magnesium alloy exoskeleton. 

The choice of material and shape has allowed Razer to make this signature edition Viper Mini the company's lightest mouse to date. Coming in at only 49g, that's a seriously light mouse. Many other lightweights are a bit over 60g, including our current favourite featherweight wireless the Logitech G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse

To me, this absolutely makes it a mouse to look out for. The current trend in lightweight mice has seen a few come across my desk for review and I've always been surprised by how much I appreciate the levity. It makes me that much more likely to actually pick up my mouse when I need to, instead of being lazy. I tend to have an easier time trying for flick shots in FPSes, and just generally react a bit faster to things.

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The Viper Mini is a successor to the well received Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming mouse, and is packed with the features you'd usually expect. It's running the company's 30k Optical Sensor and accuracy, as well as Razer's gen-3 mouse switches. Surprisingly it's even meant to go pretty hard for the battery, with up to 60 hours from a full charge, which takes under 90 minutes. 

The Razer Viper MinI SE comes in a pretty swish-looking box complete with dongle, glass feet, different tape grips, cleaning clothes, and alcohol pads. All that pomp and circumstance will set you back $280 USD or €320 when it launches this month, with a first drop on the official Razer website at 8PM PST on February 11, 2023.

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