Razer's BlackWidow keyboard returns with tougher keycaps and brighter lights

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For the past decade, Razer has been cranking out mechanical gaming keyboards under the BlackWidow banner, starting with the original model way back in 2010. Razer's latest version, the BlackWidow V3, ups the ante with some interesting upgrades. Chief among them is doubleshot ABS keycaps.

That essentially means there are two layers of plastic in the construction of each keycap. This serves a dual purpose—the added layer makes them tougher, and it also protects the lettering from rubbing off (since the lettering sits under the second layer). 

"Unlike traditional lit keycaps, which use printed lettering, the doubleshot molding process has the lettering molded into the structure of the keycap, meaning it will never wear away, even after thousands of hours of use. And for additional durability and stability, the doubleshot ABS keycaps are molded with extra-thick walls, making them tough enough to withstand even the most heavy-handed of players," Razer says.

That is true of doubleshot ABS keycaps in general. However, they can still develop an unwanted shine over time from oils on your fingers and repeated rubbing/typing, which is not a problem with PBT keycaps. Still, doubshot ABS is a step up over regular ABS.

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Compared to previous BlackWidow models, Razer says the V3 variants uses improved keys switches and has brighter RGB lighting, the latter of which comes by way of a new transparent house on the switches.

Razer is offering the BlackWidow V3 in a full-size variant and in a 'tenkeyless' model. The full-size model features dedicated media keys and a multi-function digital roller, which the tenkeyless model eschews for a more compact design. Both offer fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, N-key roll-over, and a gaming mode option.

The BlackWidow V3 is priced at $140 and the BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless costs $100. Both are available now. There is also a wireless variant, the BlackWidow V3 Pro, priced at $230.

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