Rainbow Six Siege beta extended for the weekend

Rainbow Six Siege

Have you been playing the Rainbow Six Siege beta, squeezing in time in the evenings after your day job? Were you disappointed that it was supposed to end today? Never fear: the beta has now been extended until October 4, which means if you really, really want to you can conceivably play it all weekend.

Of course, a beta is a beta, and the game won't work perfectly, though apparently the wait time for PvP matchmaking has gone down to an average of 30-45 seconds and the success rate for Terrorist Hunt is 96% per matchmaking attempt. You'll have to tell me if that's good or not.

If you haven't got a code for the beta, see if any of your friends played at least one match in the beta before 2pm EST last Tuesday; they should have a code for friend referral.

Ubisoft already extended this beta a few days ago. Maybe they'll just keep extending it until the game comes out in December?