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Rain World, the survival-platforming story of Slugcat, comes out this month

I'm not very good at platformers, but in spite of that I've been keeping a close eye on Rain World. I love the look of the lo-res post-apocalyptic setting, and Slugcat, the spear-wielding half-slug, half-cat creature who is "both predator and prey in a broken ecosystem," is utterly adorable. Earlier this year it was slated for release sometime in 2017, and today publisher Adult Swim Games nailed that down to the pleasantly-soon March 28. 

To mark the moment, Adult Swim also released a new trailer that ponders the fate of a Slugcat. "Prey? Predator? As the old world dies, a new ecosystem evolves," the narrator says. "In a land where even rain can kill, each creature struggles for its own survival. Each species has a place on the food chain, which it seeks to deny. And through this ruined landscape of strange monstrosities and ancient mysteries, Slugcat journeys. A search for shelter; a search for answers; a search for hope." 

Poetic, isn't it? It looks great, too, and it promises to be a pretty meaty experience: The Steam listing says it will have more than 1,600 rooms to explore, spread across 12 "diverse regions." Find out more at, and enjoy some animated GIFs showcasing some the bizarre beauty and danger of Rain World right here

Andy Chalk
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