Rain World: Downpour introduces us to its weird and wonderful new slugcats

What's cuter than one slugcat? Five slugcats, of course. Rain World's major upcoming expansion, Downpour, is 

Downpour features five new evolutions of Slugcat, each with their own skills and own story to tell, and today's new trailer gave us a rundown of each one's strengths, weaknesses and playstyle tips. Handy, considering the original Rain World was described by our review as "among the bleakest and most punishing" worlds we've ever seen.

The Rivulet is an axolotl-looking fella who can breath underwater, while the Spearmaster has, err, a spear for a tail. Very handy for nabbing food.The saint, meanwhile, won't even touch a spear, preferring instead to avoid conflict at all costs by using its tongue as a grappling hook to swing around.

Each sounds like they'll provide specific, fascinating new ways to experience Rain World, should you ever tire of the default slugcat experience. Of course, they're all still absolutely adorable in their own creepy way, and still extremely vulnerable to the hostile ecosystem they find themselves in.

Rainworld: Downpour is still listed as Coming Soon, but you'll be able to catch the slimy little slugcats when they eventually release over on Steam.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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