Radius Festival starts later this week, lets you try upcoming indie games

If you'll be in, near or teleporting around the London area this week, the Radius Festival is offering you the chance to get an early look at some upcoming indie games. Starting this Thursday, 19th June, and running until Saturday, the festival provides daytime visitors free access to an over 50-strong line-up of games across the three days of the exhibition. In addition, tickets are available for evening shows filled with talks and light debauchery.

Across the three-day event, visitors will get the chance to see early versions of Stronghold Crusader 2, LA Cops , Gang Beasts , Frozen Endzone and Mike Bithell's Volume. Also, on Saturday, they'll be showing a game called Super Rude Bear Resurrection . It's probably worth going just to find out what that's all about.

In addition, they'll have a computer that will serve you drinks out of its floppy drive. That's a sentence you may not have appreciated in its entirety, so we'll try it again... they will have a computer that will serve you drinks out of its floppy drive .

Tickets to the evening Live Show sessions cost £25, and are available now. For more details, head to the Radius Festival website , or visit this page for a teaser list of exhibiting games. Radius Festival takes place at the White Space gallery in Leicester Square.

Phil Savage

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