Race The Sun developer Flippfly wants you to pick its next project

Race the Sun is now on Steam

Race the Sun developer Flippfly wants you to vote for its next game project, by playing a bunch of prototypes the team has made over the last couple of years, and then picking the ones you'd like to see turned into fuller games.

Each round of the 'Prototype Showdown' offers two potential games for your consideration. Round one pits TaxiCopter ("The sun, the sea, a chopper – who could ask for more!") against Dupi's Wrong Turn ("A little game about a little egg in space…and funny gravity"), and you still have 14 days at the time of writing to download each game, log into the Flippfly site, and vote. TaxiCopter currently has 79% of the votes, and I reckon it looks the most fun.

You can see footage of both prototypes in the following video, which also offers a nice overview of how the tournament is going to work. It's basically Highlander, but with prototypes. There can only be one.

Tom Sykes

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