Quarantine is an incoming turn-based strategy game from PayDay 2 publisher

Quarantine asks that we "win the war on disease" and, judging by the Hollywood-esque announcement trailer below, that seems like a pretty big responsibility. 

Due February 9, 505 Games and Sproing's turn-based strategy game Quarantine puts you in charge of international biosecurity agency Pandemic Defense, and tasks you containing a deadly contagion. In doing so, you'll recruit a specialised team and send them off on "high-stakes" missions across the globe to research the disease, upgrade their tech and, ultimately, quarantine the outbreak before it lays waste to humanity. 

"A new pathogen has arrived and every turn counts," says 505 in a statement. "Our survival rests in each player's hands." No pressure, then. 

Said to be inspired by real-world science and epidemic response, Quarantine sees you battling three lethal pathogens—viral, bacterial and prion—each of which has unique behaviours and properties. You'll have the choice of employing Medics, Scientists, Diplomats and Security in your bid to save the world—levelling up their skillsets along the way, raises funds and establishing far-flung field bases.  

Unlockable upgrades allow you to advance your tech, while new operations on the game's tech tree let you "adapt your strategy and refine your play style" on the fly. Collecting biological samples from the field is also important as it allows you to research each disease's more random qualities, in turn helping you find a cure. Good luck with all that.

Quarantine is due on February 9 on Steam's Early Access programme where it'll cost $14.99 and your localised equivalent.