Quantum Break gets a new, better trailer for Steam

Remedy has released a “Quantum Break coming to Steam” trailer, which is kind of like a launch trailer except it already launched earlier this year as a Windows 10 exclusive. It's quite a bit different than the launch trailer for that previous release of the game, and, if I may say so, quite a bit better, too. 

Setting a launch trailer to a half-speed, melancholic take on an old hit single may have been cool when Gears of War did it, but that was ten years ago and I think that it's time to let it go. The original Quantum Break trailer was very stylish, but I don't feel like it says anything about the game. I guess you could argue that “dude, guns, and slo-mo” are all you really need to know, but I think it does the game a disservice—especially since it's a Remedy joint.

The new Steam trailer takes an entirely different approach, with a much greater focus on the characters and the importance of narrative in the game. There are still plenty of dudes, guns, and all the rest, but there's also clearly something more going on: This isn't just a shooter, it's a story. To be fair, the Steam trailer does have the benefit of hindsight, and since this whole thing is basically a do-over of a game that didn't quite live up to expectations anyway, it's not entirely surprising that they're taking a different approach to pre-release marketing his time around, too.

The Steam release of Quantum Break, and also the retail collector's edition, will be out on September 29. The original launch trailer, for the sake of comparison, is below.

Andy Chalk

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