Quake Champions demos debut Blood Covenant arena

In what's been a busy week for id's incoming arena shooter, Quake Champions has teased its first arena—named Blood Covenant. This follows news of signups for its imminent closed beta, as well as a first look at its debut champion Nyx

As you'll see in the trailer below, Blood Covenant looks a bit like a souped up version of Quake 3's DM6 Arena—with its gothic masonry, incongruous metal plating, towering stone pillars, and weird blood bath/sacrificial altar-type central effect. You'll do well to survive inside, however straying beyond its bounds seems ill-advised given the size of those Beetlejuice-esque sandworms that guard the perimeter. 

"Warriors from all over the waking world have been trapped in the Dreamlands, where they must battle it out for eternity in Quake Champions," reads the above video's description. "Facing off in ancient Arenas with no hope of escape, the Champions are forever locked in an epic kill-or-be-killed struggle."

This glimpse of the Blood Covenant map marks the beginning of a series of teasers aimed at showcasing Quake Champions' murdergrounds, says publisher Bethesda. Expect more in the coming months.