Quake Champions launches closed beta sign-ups, drops fast-fragging trailer

Id's forthcoming multiplayer blast 'em up Quake Champions will enter its closed beta testing phase in the "coming weeks"—and sign-ups are now live. A newly launched website details what lies in store by way of Arenas, weapons and champions, and the occasion has been duly marked with a new trailer. 

First off, let's have a gander at that: 

Expect more details this week, as well as profile videos of first Champion Nyx on Wednesday and the first Blood Covenant Area this Thursday. Those interested in signing up should head in this direction

In the meantime, you might like to revisit Phil's recent conversation with Quake Champions' creative director Tim Willits, where he discussed the "natural evolution of the genre", and why now is the right time for Quake's return. 

Here's an extract from that: 

"'Seriously?!' exclaims Tim Willits, id’s creative director, when I ask him why now is a good time for Quake’s return. His expression suggests I’ve just asked why now might be a good time to hug your child—as if there could never be a bad time for a Quake comeback. And fair enough, I understand his enthusiasm for the series. But seriously, why now? 

"'Things have never been better,' Willits says. 'It’s amazing—Doom was so awesome that it made making Quake way easier. There’s just a lovefest at the studio right now.' It sounds as if id was reinvigorated by Doom’s success. The critical and fan acclaim must have been a huge morale boost after what seemed to be a troubled development. 

"'With Doom,' Willits continues, 'the studio really hit on the core fundamentals of what people enjoyed about the franchise. So with Quake, we want to keep the scope tight; the focus tight—that’s why it’s PC only. We want to do the best competitive multiplayer game that we can.'" 

Again, sign-ups for Quake Champions' closed beta can be found via the game's newly launched website