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Quake 2 is currently free on the Bethesda launcher, Quake 3 follows next week

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Following on from a recent giveaway of the original Quake, Quake 2 has been put up for free via the Bethesda launcher. You have 72 hours, from 12 pm ET/4 pm GMT today, to claim it, and you have a load of money raised for charity to thank for it.

As Andy previously mentioned, Bethesda announced that it would give Quake 2 away for free if $10,000 was raised during its QuakeCon charity drive. Well, over $30,000 was raised in the end ($30,686.48 to be exact), so Quake 2 is up for grabs for the next three days. And that's not all: Quake 3 will also go free next week, also for 72 hours, starting August 17 at 12 pm ET/4 pm GMT.

To claim the games you'll need to be logged into the Bethesda launcher during the three-day periods, at which point Quake 2 (and, later, Quake 3) will be automatically added to your library.

If this has got you feeling all nostalgic for Quake 2, this would also be a good time to read our report on The Making of Quake 2, in which Rory Milne discusses how the shooter came together with its level designer Tim Willits.