Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes in this experimental Oculus Rift game

In the the Global Game Jam, independent developers from around the world take 48 hours to make a game. It's a great source for a ton of small projects with big ideas, often gutsy or silly. This year's bounty includes games about shadow puppets , " doing it ," and a staggering 4291 other entries. It's impossible to sort through them all, but a game like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes , which uses both the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra, is hard to miss.

The gist of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes might seem familiar if you've played Spaceteam on your mobile device. One player puts on the Oculus Rift and takes hold of the motion sensing Razer Hydra controls. He's locked in a room with a ticking time bomb, which only he can see. His friends have the instructions on how to defuse it, which recreates that action movie cliche of one person yelling instructions on which color wire to cut, while the other holds the wire cutter with sweaty, shaking hands.

It's just a very early prototype at this point (remember, it was made in only 48 hours), but it looks brilliant, if a little bit of an unrealistic proposition right now—The Oculus Rift isn't yet readily available to the average consumer. Though neither the Rift or Hydra are absolutely necessary to the experience, which is more about verbal communication between people than anything else.

Understandably, there is very little information about the game at the moment, but it seems like the team intends to keep developing it. You can sign up for email updates about Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on its official website .