PUBG's desert map named and detailed, new screens

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has spent the last several weeks teasing screens of its incoming desert map, and is set to showcase its first in-game footage at The Game Awards tomorrow. Now, developer Bluehole has revealed more on what it's all about—including its name, and details of its specific regions. 

Named Miramar, Bluehole notes moving in the "opposite direction" to the greenery and forestry found in the current Erangel map, wherein old strategies and tactics may no longer be as effective as before. 

As detailed in this Steam community post, here's what to expect from each of the new map's eight regions:

The same community post also shares a handful of screens: 

"These aren't the only fun places to visit, of course, but you will have to discover the rest of them on your own," adds the post. "Miramar will be playable during the final test round before PUBG hits version 1.0."

For more on PUBG's latest map, here's Chris on how it was made.