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PUBG teases Silent Hill-style nurses and Pennywise-like clowns for Halloween

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is gearing up for a Halloween-themed event, it seems. 

Alongside the not-so-subtle line "Beware… Halloween approaches", the game's official Twitter feed (opens in new tab) teased the following nine-second clip.

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Mysterious, darkened facility-like building? Check. Silent Hill-style nurse? Yes. Pennywise-esque clown figure camped in the rafters? Uh-huh. Big bastard machetes? Looks like it. Who knows exactly what's in store for PUBG come Hallows' Eve, but it doesn't seem pretty. 

Judging from the backdrop in the footage above, it's still day time in whichever of the battle royale's maps this is set. I understand PUBG Mobile plans a one-off night mode for Erangel (opens in new tab)—which is something I'd love to see replicated in the main game. 

But then again, perhaps daylight is preferred when we've got evil clowns and deranged nurses knocking around. I guess we'll learn more about PUBG's holiday-themed plans in the next couple of weeks.