PUBG celebrates its first birthday with complimentary weapon skin

It's hard to believe PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is only a year old. After Chris exclusively revealed its official trailer in early March, the battle royale 'em up parachuted into Steam's Early Access initiative on the 23rd of the same month. And, well, you know the rest. 

Now, developer PUBG Corp is celebrating its anniversary by treating players to a complimentary skin. The 'Year One—SCAR-L' jazzes up my (and your?) favourite PUBG weapon with a splash of yellow, the number one and the game's iconic match-winning catchphrase: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.  


This follows news of PUBG's new weapon system and crates, and the fact the developer is "considering" region-locked servers of sorts. 

While researching this story, I rediscovered another article of Chris' titled Playerunknown's Battlegrounds could have a bright future in the battle royale genre he created. It's a great read with today's perspective in mind.