PUBG adds emotes and friends list, despite anti-cheat delay

As promised in last week's roadmap post, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now has emotes, Steam achievements and an in-game friends list. Rolled out today, PUBG's PC Update #7 is live. 

Because when fighting for your life against 99 other bloodthirsty, formidably armed combatants, what's more important than taking the piss? Survival? Winning? Hardly. 

For now, 12 emotes are on offer with more to be "added in the future". By default, the emote key is ~ whereby specific emotes can be selected by left-clicking. That's best outlined here:

Elsewhere, Update #7 introduces the PUBG friends list, which lets players add up to 50 mates/sworn enemies across whichever platform they access the PC version of the game. Independent of Steam friends lists, the PUBG friends list "is a one-way follower concept, not a mutual acceptance between players". 

If you think this feature isn't tied to the new bragging-rights-inducing emotes, I reckon you're kidding yourself on. Good luck maintaining that friends list after your first celebratory post-kill boogie. 

Full patch notes for PUBG's Update #7 were released last week, however have been updated here. Items marked with asterisk signify additional changes. As reported by Andy, the game's anti-cheat update has been postponed following framerate issues and crashes.