PUBG update 5.2: blow our tires with spike traps

PUBG update 5.2
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has settled into a regular update cadence. Every month there's a new PUBG update and a new set of patch notes to look over, detailing new season details, balance changes and bugfixes. We're picking out the important details and compiling them here.

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Update 5.2

New item: Spike trap

  • Spike Traps puncture the tires of any vehicle that runs over the strip of spikes.
  • A Spike Trap can only damage one vehicle before it disappears.
  • Spike Traps puncture the tires of vehicles, but do not damage overall vehicle health.
  • Spike Traps are spawned at rates consistent with other throwables across all maps.
  • You can lay a Spike Trap by selecting it and pressing LMB. Once you’ve laid a Spike Trap, you cannot pick it back up.


PUBG Labs is a space where we will work with the community and players to experiment with new game modes, rule sets, features and so much more. Your feedback on the systems and tests we carry out on in PUBG Labs will directly benefit the community and grow our perspective on player priorities. We can’t wait for you to get in there and try the top secret action we’ve been working on.

  • PUBG Labs is a space where we introduce to you experimental in-game features and collect your feedback to perfect them as permanent game additions.
  • You can find PUBG Labs in the menu under the Play button.
  • PUBG Labs will continue to be updated with new content. Play modes, new rule sets and maybe even some new vistas to take in down the road.
  • The most important for PUBG Labs is your valuable opinions! Please feel free to let our Community Managers know about what you think from your experience.

Skill based rating test - Nov 26 12pm PST  – Jan 2 12pm PST 

  • Skill Based Rating is an experimental feature being tested through PUBG Labs, tracking your skill and assigning you a rating based on your match performances.
  • This Skill Based Rating is separate from the current Survival Title System.
  • Ratings will be applied for each mode based on players’ skill level. To see your rating, you must first play 5 matches.
  • You can leave feedback about the changes to your rating after the end of each match, so we can gauge how the system feels.

(UPDATE 12/06) – Based on data and feedback we’ve gathered for the Skill Based Rating Labs test, we have decided to increase the maximum possible rating points earned per match. Points awarded for placement have also been increased and spread out more evenly across all placements in the top 50%. These changes are effective immediately. This should help players get the full value out of their exceptional performances and make their chicken dinners taste extra spicy.

Vikendi update

We love a good Sniper’s Duel. With that in mind we’ve done a clean up of Vikendi to make it more appealing to the Long Gun Hunters in our midst. More vehicles will be appearing on the map to help you lead foot it through the winter wastes, but be on the lookout for Spike Traps in those snow covered hills or the landslide will bring you down.

Improved Terrain

  • New roads have been added to reduce the difficulty of moving through certain snow-covered areas of Vikendi.
  • Along with the roads added, the amount of vehicles across the map have increased and locations adjusted.
  • A cold front has moved in and the river around Castle has frozen over to allow you to navigate that area more easily.
  • Located at the center of Vikendi, Mount Kreznic consists of various terrain types which are difficult to navigate, due to how steep the mountain is. To improve this, the overall height of the mountain has been lowered. Yes, we shrunk the mountain, but just a bit.
  • Vikendi terrain in many areas is very flat, making it difficult for players to hide or take cover when encountering enemies. To improve this, we’ve added more variance to terrain height  in areas across the map.

Improved towns in Vikendi

A few of Vikendi’s towns were seldom visited due to complex structures or not enough loot. We’ve made some adjustments to the following areas:

  • Volnova has been reshaped in general. Major buildings and driving routes have been modified.
  • Item spawn counts in Peshkova have increased.
  • Garages where vehicles are spawned in Trevno have been relocated to allow easier escape after looting. So get to stepping. 

Some buildings have been removed or replaced with different buildings to improve gameplay. The field of vision gained from high buildings has been adjusted, through structural changes.

Improved Vikendi balance

  • Blue Zone balance on Vikendi has been adjusted so that players can set up strategies using more varied routes.
  • The size of early safe zones has increased.
  • Speed of early Blue Zones has increased.
  • The size and speed of mid and late-game Blue Zones remain similar to previous updates.
  • The randomness of Blue Zone locations throughout the match has slightly increased.
  • To reflect player feedback on insufficient vehicle spawns on Vikendi, we’ve signifcantly increased the overall number of  vehicle spawns.
  • The location of vehicle spawns has been modified in accordance to the new Blue Zone balance.


Added the Way Point feature

  • The Way Point feature has been added to allow you to make strategic plans for the routes you take.
  • You can use the feature only when the map is open (M key).
  • Press ALT+RMB to place the first point and while ALT is held, you may click other locations to add more points. You may release ALT to remove the starting point.
  • You can place up to 4 points per group of Way Points.
  • Press ALT+Del to remove placed Way Points. When you place a new starting point somewhere else, the existing Way Points will all disappear.
  • In Duo/Squad Mode, when a teammate places Way Points, they will appear on the map with a Radio Message. You can change the settings to not display the Way Point of certain teammates from the in-game Team Management menu.

Added auto attachment feature

A new feature has been added that automatically equips your weapon with the attachments you pick up. You can choose from 3 types of auto attachment options. You can activate/deactivate each of them from the ‘Settings – Gameplay’ tab.

  • Auto equip when you pick up an attachment with F key: When you pick up an attachment by pressing the interaction key (F), the attachment is automatically equipped to your weapon.
  • Auto attach when you switch to new weapon: When you switch your weapon with a new weapon on the ground, all the attachments equipped to the old weapon will automatically move to the new one.
  • Auto equip when you pick up attachments with the inventory open: When you get an attachment while the inventory is open, the attachment will automatically be equipped to your weapon.

Swimming and diving balance

  • Swimming speed has increased by about 27%.
  • Diving speed has increased by about 20%.
  • Breath recovery speed has increased by about 10%. Now it takes 9 seconds for full recovery.
  • The maximum diving time has increased by about 33%. Now you can dive for about 20 seconds.

Improved weapon impact sounds

  • The sound effects for each type of object being shot have been improved.

Added option to rate match satisfaction

  • You can select from three different options: Fun, Average, and Bad.
  • This is another method we’re using to better understand what experiences players like and dislike, as we work to improve the overall gameplay experience for all.
  • Please give us feedback in-game after each match using this system.

Custom match

Following the Zombie Mode presets available to PUBG Partners, new permissions have been given for additional Custom match freedom.

Added round feature

  • War Mode / War Mode: Conquest are now available for round play, allowing for multiple match wins before game completion.
  • These matches consist of two rounds, best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5 with a feature where players can play on different battlegrounds for each round or switch locations of both ends.
  • The ground re-spawn feature updated last patch is also available.

Added commander feature

In the previous version of Platoon Mode, players weren’t able to properly receive orders from their platoon leader easily through UI.

With this update, the player in the first slot of each platoon in the lobby will be assigned the role of platoon leader, whose location and ping will be shared with all platoon members. This will enable the entire platoon to recognize moving/attack/defensive targets, allowing players to experience more strategic platoon combat.

Commander is able to help allies and interfere with the enemy through the various support requests available in the map UI.

  • Air strike request: Commander can spawn a Red Zone at a selected location.
  • Weapon package request: Commander can request care package at a designated location.
  • Healing package request: Commander can request healing items at a designated location.

Added sandbox mode

PUBG Partners can now create Sandbox Mode matches. This mode provides convenient functions for PUBG Partners to easily experiment with PUBG content.

PUBG Partners can create Sandbox Mode matches in ‘Custom match > Create a match’.

Sandbox features:

  • Invincibility: Only available for the match host (PUBG Partners)
  • Spawn items and vehicles
  • Control special features like flying and spawning Care Packages

Added special items exclusive items for custom matches

Added three new items that can be used through the Sandbox feature PUBG Partners have in Custom matches.

  • Helmet repair kit: Use it to restore the durability of your helmet by a certain amount.
  • Vest repair kit: Use it to restore the durability of your vest by a certain amount.
  • Blue Zone Uplink: Set your current location to be within the next safe zone. If you are outside of the current safe zone, the next safe zone will be located as close to you as possible.

Added No HUD feature

When creating a general Custom match, creators can now control what UI their players see by changing setting in ‘Match Setting > Rule Tab > UI Option’.

Presets are provided for UI mode.

  • All On / All Off / Hardcore / Realistic / No Location Info / No Battle Royale Info / Manual
  • Individual UI setting is available in Manual.

Weapon Mastery

On the Weapon Mastery screen, you can now change the order of the weapons by using the weapon navigation filter.

You can sort out weapons using the following criteria:

  • Default (alphabetical order)
  • By level
  • By damage


  • Old replay videos cannot be played due to the update in the replay system version.

Skins & Items

The following items will be added to the Store after Update #5.2 hits live servers:

  • Added 1 BattleStat weapon (MK47)
  • Added 2 types of BP BattleStat weapons (MP5K and QBZ)
  • Added 1 Madsy belt
  • Added 1 Madsy shoes
  • Added 15 Twitch Broadcaster Royale items
  • Added a new unlocked crate: The Venetian Crate contains 17 new gun skins.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the effect of tire smoke continues to occur if the wheels are broken while the vehicle is moving or stopped.
  • Fixed an issue where spectator POV is forced downwards when a character is pushed against an object with a weapon
  • * Fixed visual issue when picking up Spike Trap in FPP.
  • * Fixed issue where players could take less damage than intended when hit by a Motorbike.


  • Fixed an issue where a specific vehicle on Miramar spawns inside an object, causing the vehicle to explode when entered
  • Resolved issue with footsteps being almost inaudible on certain carpeted surfaces. Please note that in areas where this issue was fixed, the carpet material sound will now be slightly different

Custom match

  • Fixed an issue where the cloudy weather option is missing on Erangel
  • Fixed an issue where the safe zone appears only in a specific location
  • Fixed an issue where the respawn timer stops when the system menu is opened and closed during a War Mode Platoon match
  • * Fixed issue where boost/heal items were invisible from the observer’s perspective when in use.
  • * Fixed issue where observer’s Waypoint line markers weren’t visible.

Zombie Mode

  • Fixed an issue where the description of the survival and annihilation presets are incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the character will appear as a human when a face item is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where a zombie can respawn on the plane while it’s flying.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect screen is displayed after respawning as a zombie in the Zombie Royale Mode.

Survivor Pass

  • Fixed an issue where a specific Mk47 Mutant challenge mission cannot be achieved in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where the “Wipeout Squads” Survivor Pass mission incorrectly says it can be completed in duos
  • Fixed an issue where incomplete mission indicator displays even when all missions have been claimed


  • Fixed an issue where ancient mummy gloves are not displayed when tattoo sleeves are equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot hear their own footsteps when walking on puddles of water.


  • Fixed an issue where the first item in an item crate displays twice in the preview screen
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