Psychonauts 2's quality-of-life update makes hunting that last pesky collectable a little easier

Finished Psychonauts 2, but stuck hunting for that last frustrating figment? Hopefully, Double Fine's new "Quality of Life" update helps by providing the tools needed to make completionism a breeze.

Arriving yesterday, the QoL update adds a few handy tools at the end-game for folks who are looking to absolutely rinse Psychonauts 2 of content. This includes an extra post-game "Psychoseismometer" combat arena if you need a few extra baddies to fight for achievements, but the most useful tools are aimed at helping you hoover up Psychonauts 2's many, many collectables.

The fast-travel system will now display a checkmark on regions you've completely cleared, letting you narrow down your search for collectables. Once you're in a spot, a new "Otto-Spot" filter can be bought for the in-game camera, highlighting collectables on-screen and even showing figments through certain map geometry. Some of these can be particularly annoying to find, Double Fine admits, offering a personal apology for a certain banana. If you know, you know.

"Hopefully these features smooth out some of the rough edges hardcore players may have experienced," said lead designer Seth Marinello. "We never intended it to be a slog trying to get to 100% for those that really want to do it, we really wanted the process of getting collectables to be one of fun and discovery."

Matthew Castle found Psychonauts 2 to be a fantastic sequel in his review, with the platforming alone making the game an absolute joy to inhabit. This week's update means you simply shouldn't find yourself banging your head so much if you choose to spend a few more hours rinsing this brain-bending platformer of stuff.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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