Project Zomboid robbery delays latest update, Zomboid "will come back stronger" says dev

Project zomboid - fire ZOMG

Another setback has hit Project Zomboid developers, The Indie Stone. Over the weekend a burglary at the Newcastle home of two of the developers saw two laptops stolen. Months of work on the latest build of Project Zomboid were lost.

Project Zomboid writer Will Porter broke the news officially on the Project Zomboid blog . "We are gutted, we are despondent and - most of all we are sorry that this has thrown yet another bump into the road towards PZ completion," Will writes.

"We also REALLY want to wring the neck of the arsehole that did this to us," he adds.

The blog post mentions that the only two machines that held the work on the latest update were both stolen. "Project Zomboid was regularly backed up from machine to machine, but rarely – sadly and infuriatingly – externally. We have lost an awful lot of work."

"This will clearly severely delay the next update, which was very near completion. I personally only just finished my work on it today (one of the final things on the 'to-do' list) and had it ready for input tomorrow."

This is the latest in a long series of setbacks for the indie developers. Project Zomboid was taken offline by pirates who hacked auto-updating versions of the software that threatened to bankrupt the Indie Stone. They've also had problems with Paypal, and at one point had to resort to " selling the world's worst games " to distribute their Zomboid.

The Indie Stone have been resilient in the face of all of those setbacks. Hopefully this latest stroke of terrible, terrible luck won't derail them either. Will Porter assures fans that Project Zomboid "will come back stronger." Hopefully, it does. The procedural zombie-apocalypse survival sim is incredibly promising. Read our Project Zomboid preview to find out why.

Tom Senior

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