Project Awakened releases Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

Phosphor Games - the team behind the customisable action game and Kickstarter hopeful Project Awakened - have released an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, detailing some of their progress with the middleware. It's clearly early days in the UE4 transition, but it shows off some of the detailed textures and effects possible with the engine. Also some seriously prominent arm veins.

We don't seem to have covered the game before, but judging from the Kickstarter page's promises, it seems to be an ambitious undertaking. "Project Awakened is a genre-defying game that lets you answer the question: 'Who do you want to be?' For the first time in a modern AAA action game, you will have the opportunity to completely define your dream videogame character, from abilities to aesthetics, all while playing in an action-packed world that responds to your personal playstyle."

Certainly the customisation potential is extensive. Two Unreal Engine 3 prototype videos give a taste of what might be possible if the game can make up its funding shortfall. One focuses on character powers, and the range of super-hero styled powers available, while the other reveals the potential of their create-a-world based mod support. It includes "Historical" Japanese battles (complete with Giant Enemy Crab), Tron-like neon computer worlds and a furry mod. Um...

Full pitch video below. With four days to go and nearly $300,000 needed to achieve funding, Project Awakened needs a serious push if it hopes to reach that goal. The Kickstarter page is here , should your appetite be sufficiently whet.

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Phil Savage

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