Probably Archery is definitely out on Steam

Probably Archery

For all its liberties with reality, Probably Archery could still be a pretty accurate depiction of actual archery. I mean, if you get good enough with shooting out tiny spears of wood, everyone will start looking like mostly naked men with apples for heads to your trained eye. Good thing Probably Archery is finally available on Steam and the Humble Store for us untrained marksmen to acclimate ourselves to capping floating targets and rescuing balloon-headed burlap sacks. Archery is strange.

Throwing down $9 at either store (a 25 percent launch discount ending later this week) gets you a slew of archery-related challenges and minigames, a multiplayer deathmatch mode, a co-op mode with waves of enemies, and Oculus Rift support if you want to add a pair of floating eyeballs to those floating arms. Aiming and shooting is a process of precise arm control similar to QWOP or Surgeon Simulator, so expect a lot of hilariously flubbed shots before you get used to the controls.

Oh, and you also get Zoccer—zombies playing soccer, which is exactly what it sounds like. All the fundamentals of the sport are here: a gargantuan ball, uselessly shambling teammates, and a gun to score points with. At least, I think those are the basics. You shoot your teammates after a goal, right?

You can grab Probably Archery on Steam or the Humble Store to probably have some fun.

Omri Petitte

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