Prison Architect's console-exclusive DLC is coming to PC

Prison Architect's Psych Ward DLC is leaving the confines of consoles and finally coming to PC, letting wardens run their own highly questionable prison for the "criminally insane" in November. 

Psych Ward introduces a new type of prisoner, along with new facilities and ways to deal with misbehaving inmates. These criminally insane inmates all have the potential to become dangerous and violent if not treated, because apparently mental illness means you're only a couple of bad days away from going on a rampage. Other inmates can also loose their cool and join the ranks of the criminally insane if you treat them poorly. 

The DLC does introduce some potentially interesting management wrinkles, especially if you have a mixed prison with different kinds of inmates, as you'll need to create new schedules for them so prisoners who don't get along, or those with behavioural problems, don't end up hanging out in the same place. Its representation of mental illness, however, leaves a great deal to be desired.

The PC version comes with some exclusive additions, like padded solitary cells, a new warden, psychiatrist office upgrades, orderlies and more. 

Psych Ward: Warden's Edition is due out on November 21. Developer Double Eleven also teased another expansion that's expected out next year, a teaser for which you can watch below. 

Fraser Brown
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