Prison Architect gets more addictive for Alpha 21, next update to focus entirely on bugs

"What shall we add this time?" the members of Introversion Software asked themselves. At least, they did in this fictional dramatisation of the creation of Prison Architect's new update. "How about something nice for a change," said one developer, "like some attractive new flowers, or a really lovely baking minigame." Everyone pondered this bold new direction, and the possibility of a much-needed break from the misery of incarceration simulation. "Or," said another, "we could add heroin."

Can you guess which way they went?

"Prisoners can now take drugs," writes Chris Delay, this time in real life on the game's forum . "Addiction gets stronger with each use of a drug, and prisoners go into withdrawal if they do not get their drugs fix quick enough." If a prisoner does become addicted, two new reform programs offer them a chance to kick the habit.

Other new features include advanced regime control—allowing you to independently set the schedule of different security groups—and new language packs, downloadable through the Steam Workshop.

For the next Prison Architect update, Introversion will instead be honing in on the bugs. "This does mean that there will be no new features in alpha 22," writes Delay, "however the game should improve immeasurably as we tackle some of the biggest long standing issues in the game." As part of this, they want the community's help—as explained in another video.

Phil Savage

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