Primal Carnage: new footage of class-based dino-murdering indie shooter

Primal Carnage

Gun-toting mercs face down Jurassic horrors in this bonkers asymmetrical multiplayer game from Lukewarm Media. Palaeontologists may well lament the historically unlikely class-based reptile-on-human mayhem, but who else could spurn the spectacle of an amassed force of allied Tyrannosaurs, Dilophosaurs, Pteradons, Carnotaurs and, of course, Velociraptors crashing against an army of tooled-up hunters wielding everything from netguns to flame throwers? Who? Show me them and I will show you a lonesome and dilapidated people, not fit for this world and its gaudy pleasures.

The game is still in beta - a beta to which you can gain access if you pre-order the game over at the Primal Carnage website.