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Prepare for a Tactical Intervention on March 28th, open beta in a couple of weeks

Here's the good news: Tactical Intervention , the free-to-play FPS from Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le, is launching on March 28th. It will be preceded by an open beta starting March 14th, and a closed beta kicking off this coming Monday. The bad news is that, until they find a European publisher, the game will only be launching in the US. Booooooo. If only there was a way to pretend to be from another country on the internet - but alas, no such thing exists. Rappel beneath the break for further game details (the word 'rappel' was a devastatingly subtle clue).

Tactical Intervention's counter-terrorist-on-terrorist action obviously resembles Counter-Strike, but with features that might seem more at home in Rainbow Six: rappelling, riot shields, and the ability to shoot out of moving cars. Actually, that last one isn't familiar at all, but it's pretty darn cool nonetheless. Here's a video showing all of those things in action:

(Thanks to Eurogamer .)