PowerWash Simulator is getting a Tomb Raider expansion for reasons I don't fully understand

In a crossover that I'm pretty sure no one saw coming, PowerWash Simulator is getting a Tomb Raider-themed expansion at the end of this month. Releasing on January 31, PowerWash Sim's free Tomb Raider DLC will see you blasting away the gunk and grime that's somehow accumulated on every square inch of Croft Manor. Judging by the trailer, it doesn't look like you get to dual wield pressure washers at any stage, which seems like a missed opportunity.

The expansion includes five levels: Croft Manor, Lara's obstacle course, the Manor's maze, the jeep and motorboat, and the treasure room. I don't know that turning your 2900 PSI water cannon against mysterious artefacts from arcane lands is a wise idea, strictly speaking, but I suppose Lara loses interest in their upkeep once she's spirited them away from their native homes.

Miss Croft promises to reward you not only with cash, but with "tales of past adventures," since "knowledge is worth far more than any currency". So I guess we can add stitching up freelancers to the long list of Lara's crimes. It's not clear if those tales will be voice acted—the base game wasn't—but the expansion is geared towards Tomb Raider nostalgia, so I'm crossing my fingers for a surprise appearance from Shelley Blond, who voiced the character in the original 1996 game.

PowerWash Simulator was one of last year's strangest surprise hits, earning itself several million players in the first few months of its release. For my money, it's the best Far Cry game I've ever played, and it was even the personal GOTY pick of PC Gamer guide guru Sarah James, who praised it for letting her "relax or wind down after a long day—or a particularly trying Elden Ring session".

The Tomb Raider expansion for PowerWash Simulator will release free for all players on January 31. If you find that thought irresistible but don't own the game yet, you can pick it up on Steam or the Microsoft Store.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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