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Portal Reloaded mod adds a third portal that lets you travel through time

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Portal 2 celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, which means there's no better time to drop a mod that ramps the game's mind-bending puzzle antics up to the nth degree.

The Portal Reloaded mod utilises your usual blue and orange portals, but also throws a new green time-travelling portal into the mix. The two timelines are 20 years apart, letting you set up your puzzles in the past to affect what happens in the future. 

I've always been pretty crap at the Portal games, and seeing a third portal thrown in the mix breaks my brain. Just looking at the gameplay trailer for the mod simultaneously confuses and blows my tiny mind, so even puzzling pros should find this a challenging, refreshing take on an already great game.

Modder Jannis Brinkman has been working on Portal Reloaded (opens in new tab) since 2014. It features an original story, voice acting and is totally free, You can grab it over on Steam. (opens in new tab)

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