Portal 2 trailer reveals Valentine's day dangers, pre-orders available

Portal 2 valentine's day trailer

A new Portal 2 trailer has arrived, providing a healthy dose of Valentine's day advice outlining the hidden dangers that can lurk in traditional gifts like flowers and giant industrial diamonds. The trailer also reveals that Portal is available to pre-order now from retailers, though not through Steam.

The game can now be pre-ordered from Game, Gamestop and Amazon ahead of its release in April. Oddly, it can't yet be pre-ordered through Steam . Hopefully that'll change soon. You'll find the brilliant new trailer embedded below.

It was recently revealed that Portal 2 will support co-op and player-made levels across multiple platforms . For more Portal 2 news, have a read of our hands on preview with the game's co-op mode. On a side note, happy Valentines Day! What gifts have you been giving?

[via RPS ]

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