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Portal 2 to allow player-made levels across all platforms, will have two end credit sequences

Portal 2 - Both

Portal 2 will be encouraging the mod community to create new levels by giving them the ability to distribute their creations to every platform. Levels made using mod tool on the PC will be playable on the Mac, Plastation 3 and Xbox 360. Valve have also revealed that Portal 2 will have two different end credit sequences, each with their own "surprises". Read on for details.

Valve writer Chet Faliszek has been speaking to NowGamer about Valve's plans for Portal 2 mods, saying that "the mod tools have to stay on the PC side just because there's a bunch of dependencies that require the Windows platform, but the content that comes out is agnostic, and so we will be seeing that on all the platforms. Depending on the platform you're on I should say, will depend on how we're delivering it," adding "there's just a lot of value in engaging the community because they're smart, they're thinking of really cool things and we want to be able to have everyone share that."

Elsewhere, Faliszek revealed to Videogamer that there would be two end credit sequences, saying "both sets of credits [will feature something special], because we've got two credits, so we had to do something twice as amazing."

When asked what these "surprises were", Faliszek said "Noooooo, come on! The cool thing is that we'll make sure that the game doesn't get too difficult - it's more complex - it's never so difficult that you can't solve it. You'll get to the endings. We'd hate to think that people would only watch the endings on YouTube," adding "it's scary actually, the ending to Portal has over 5 million hits on YouTube."

We already know that Jonathan Coulton is making music for Portal 2, could there be two songs?

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