Popeye is coming to World of Warships, so you can stop asking for it

World of Warships
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I'm not a war sim enthusiast but I do respect Wargaming for its often bonkers crossovers. For example, Korn appeared in World of Tanks Blitz a few years ago, and even further back, The Offspring did. But if long-in-the-tooth '90s pop culture isn't your thing, perhaps something from the (checks Wikipedia) 1930s will work? Here you go then: Popeye the Sailor Man is coming to World of Warships.

ICYMI: Popeye is a gruff cartoon sailor whose every muscle bulges with the consumption of tinned spinach. He started life as a comic strip, before appearing in a series of his own cartoons throughout the '60s and '70s. In 1980 Robert Altman directed a Popeye movie starring Robin Williams as Popeye, and Shelley Duvall as Popeye's perennial love interest Olive Oyl. He's even had a handful of videogames, all on consoles, and none particularly memorable.

It makes thematic sense that Popeye should appear in World of Warships; he is, after all, a sailor. He'll come as a commander in the Popeye Charity Bundle, which will raise funds for World Ocean Month, via an unannounced NGO. The bundle itself also includes a Bluto commander, as well as "bespoke voiceovers", two flags, and a camouflage for the Tier VII USS Colorado, which I'm guessing is a warship.

Popeye, by the way, has been associated with The SeaCleaners for at least three years, so the character is not new to the world of ocean advocacy. This Popeye bundle won't hit World of Warships until June, and currently isn't priced, but it'll coincide with a charity event, as you'd expect. 

While Popeye is probably an obvious crossover, it stands in contrast to a current promotion which bundles a bunch of VTubers as playable World of Warships commanders, including Shishiro Botan, Moona Hoshinova, Watson Amelia, and Takanashi Kiara. Oh, and there was recently a Warhammer 40,000 crossover, too. This all perhaps stretches the feasibility of a "sim", but I respect the hustle.

Correction: A previous version of this article said that Wargaming is partnering with SeaCleaners. This is not true; the partnership is with a yet-to-be-announced NGO.

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