Pokémon-inspired MMO TemTem has a playable alpha if you pre-order soon

Temtem, which we described as looking "as close to a Pokémon MMO as legally possible" last year, has been moving along after a successful Kickstarter. The developers recently opened the door to more players (and more money) with an alpha for everyone who pre-orders the game. But there's a catch: those pre-orders are only available for a very limited time.

"Preorder Temtem on the Discord store within the next two weeks and get instant access to the on-going Alpha," the TemTem team posted on June 25. If plans haven't changed, that means pre-orders will shut down on July 9, and you'll have to wait for them to open things back up again. It's $35 to buy in via Discord.

Judging by the frequency of Kickstarter updates, Temtem seems to be progressing well, and this is actually tier 2 of its alpha release. Temtem's creatures now have innate traits and can be equipped with gear, there's a whole character creation system and cosmetics for your trainer—er, tamer. Players can also trade amongst themselves.

Here's the caveat from the developers that this version, alpha 0.2, is a long way from final: 

"The Alpha is NOT a finished game, and it's very far away from being one. This is a super early in development version of the game and its main objective is to help make Temtem better in the long run. As such, this version is very limited in content, features and balance. You're expected to find bugs and work-in-progress content. You should adjust your expectations having all these in mind. Please be aware that all progress in the Alpha can and will be wiped at any given time. No progress in the Alpha will be migrated to the final game."

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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