Please, Apex Legends, stop asking me to get 12 assists

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Apex Legends season 5 has been great so far. Loba's ultimate makes her a valuable addition to the squad and I'm enjoying all the extra time I can spend roaming Kings Canyon, compared to the previous season. Shortly after season 5 launched, I decided to buy the battle pass and grind through it with my partner in duos. I'm currently hovering around tier 30, and I'm well on my way to earning enough coins to get the next pass without parting with real cash.  

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For the most part, maxing out our daily challenges has felt comfortable. We usually spend an hour or two playing in the evenings and that's more than enough time to tick everything off the list. Most of the challenges are straightforward such as playing two games, or getting two knockdowns with a specific character. Taking a break from my usual mains for some hefty sums of challenge points feels well worth it. However, there's one challenge that I just cannot complete: get 12 assists.   

Assists only count if you deal damage to an opponent in the five seconds leading up to them being knocked down. This means that even if you deplete the majority of an enemy player's health, you can still miss out on the assist if they aren't downed within five seconds. They're also cleared if the player is revived. This system feels flawed and makes it difficult to consistently score assists.

I struggle with this challenge every time it pops up on my menu screen, despite having the optimum setup of playing matches with people I know on Discord. Even in games where our communication is on point, I usually finish up the session with a measly four assists. What's most frustrating is that it's much easier to secure 12 full eliminations. On a good day, I can breeze through weekly challenges that demand "five kills in a single match", yet I know I'll consistently flunk the assists challenge every time.

Of course, this isn't exactly a new problem in Apex—the challenge has been around for months. I know I'm not alone in my whining either, as others in the community have highlighted their distaste for this particular daily. While I could just reroll the challenge for a fresh one, this costs 200 Legend Tokens. Now, these aren't exactly hard to come by if you play Apex Legends regularly, but it does feel a bit cheeky to have to spend tokens I'm saving to unlock future legends just to have a shot at an achievable 3,000 point challenge.

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There are several adjustments that could solve this issue. Altering the challenge to encompass kills as well as assists, or simply changing it to knockdowns would fix it immediately. Ideally, assists should be reworked to take damage dealt into account, though. It feels strange to start a match with my mind set on assisting someone else with a kill, rather than trying to score as many eliminations as I can myself. Other challenges may encourage me to pick a different character, or try a weapon that I usually wouldn't bother with, but they still don't hinder my experience anywhere near as much as this one does.

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