Play Star Wars: The Old Republic with us on Nightmare Lands and The Crucible Pits

Star Wars The Old Republic - droid power

Our US and European PC Gamer Sith and Republic guilds have been assigned servers. They shouldn't be hard to forget, as the European one is called NIGHTMARE LANDS, and the US one is called THE CRUCIBLE PITS. Both suitable evil names for our Sith guilds. If you're one of the lucky heroes who have received early access today, you can join us on those servers. If you want chat with fellow guild members, drop by the Mint Imperial and Coconut Monkeys threads in our forums.

Our European Sith guild, the Mint Imperials is very, very nearly full, but you can still fight alongside us on the server (slots are bound to free up in time, Sith are notoriously good at betraying and then killing each other), or join our chosen opposing faction, the Republican Revel Alliance . Thanks to TOR's guild animosity system, they have also been assigned to Nightmare Lands. The US Sith guild The Coconut Monkeys , are also very nearly full up.

Now all we have to do is size up our opposition on both servers. That should give us plenty of chance to plot their demise, perhaps using some sort of moon-shaped death ship, because executing the same evil plan over and over again until it works is the Sith way. Speaking of the Sith way, here's a trailer showing the progression of the Sith Inquisitor. It mostly involves killing things with lightning. UNLIMITED POWAAAARGH!

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