Play Alien Swarm in first person: guide and video

Alien Swarm in first person

In case it's not disgusting enough from a god's eye view, you can actually play Alien Swarm in first person fairly easily. I've just tried it, and it's a bit of a shock. Here's a video of what it's like to play, and instructions on how to do it yourself. It only takes a sec.

You can pretty much see what to do from the vid, the only extra bit of information you need is that to bring up the console, you have to go to Options > Keyboard > Enable developer console. Then hit ` (to the left of 1) and type:


asw_hide_marine 1

asw_controls 0

It was Jack Waugh on our Facebook group who asked for this, and Shrimpsess on the Steam forums that provided the answer. He posts a bunch of other useful console commands there, like tweaking friendly fire.

It doesn't feel quite as slick as a native first-person game, of course, but it works remarkably well. It might actually be easier for hitting those goddamn flying things that stun you.

How are you finding the game, by the way? We love it. It's eating through our lunchtime's like a parasite's proboscis eats through your cheek.