Play 25 demos in Steam's Indie Celebration

(Image credit: Invisible Walls)

The upside of so many events going digital this summer is that we're going to inundated with demos without needing to queue up in hot, crowded convention centres. If you venture onto Steam across the next three days, you'll find plenty of them in the Indie Celebration, curated by Digital Dragons

The Krakow-based convention has been postponed until September 14, but in the meantime it's hosting a digital indie event on Steam that will feature livestreams and interviews alongside the 25 demos. You can browse the selection on Steam or jump right to the games below. 

If you fancy tuning into the livestreams, take a gander at the schedule. While these don't begin until later today, it looks like there are already a few developers streaming their games. 

The Indie Celebration will run through May 15, but it won't be the last time you'll have piles of demos to wade through this summer. Steam will be working with the Summer Game Fest to dole out more at some point during its four-month schedule, just like it did during last year's Game Awards.  

Fraser Brown
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