Planetary Annihilation offers early-access to alpha

Uber Entertainment announced today an early-access program for its in-development strategy game Planetary Annihilation . Commanders eager to dive into this RTS must have a Windows 64-bit system to take part in the alpha-stage program through Steam . The chance to get an early look, however, will require some sacrifice.

Priced at $89.99, Planetary Annihilation's early-access program may only be an option for the most fervent supporters of this title. "This is the pricing determined over a year ago," the developers report on their Steam page . "Our Kickstarter set these levels, and while we understand people may not like it, it's the decision we had to make." Development team member Jon Mavor discussed the alpha program in a recent dev blog video : "Our alpha release is going to be a true alpha release. The game is not finished at that point. ... Those of you who are participating in that process are really going to be helping form the game and give us tons of feedback on it. It's going to be a wild ride."

Early access to the alpha beings June 16, according to Steam, and will feature single-planet combat, 2-10 players, and "army vs army free for all." For more information on other pre-order options, several of which are priced lower but subsequently include fewer or no early-access options for the game, go here . Also check out the game's new trailer below.