Planetary Annihilation planning December release, alpha access begins next week

Planetary Annihilation developers Uber Entertainment have, like an impending asteroid attack, come crashing down onto some solid release plans for their galaxy-spanning RTS. The big reveal is the first teasing of a final launch date - just glancing the end of the year with a planned December release. Those unafraid to battle amongst the rough code of the alpha will get the chance to try the game much sooner, however. The end of next week, in fact.

Here's the release timetable, as revealed on their most recent Kickstarter update .

  • Alpha will start to roll out this month, and a combined UberNet Alpha/Steam Early Access Alpha will start on approximately June 7th.

  • Alpha access will run for the summer, until the end of August.

  • Beta/Beta Early Access will run from September through the end of November.

  • Finally, we expect to have our worldwide launch in December of this year.

Alpha access will go out to anyone who backed at the relevant, $90+ Kickstarter level.

Uber also announced their plans for Steam, saying:

"Steam access is a convenience for some people who prefer to keep all their game keys in one place. If you wish to move your key to Steam, you'll be able to once the game is live on Steam. If you wish to continue to simply play though our own service UberNet, you'll be able to. No action is needed at this time for Steam access. We'll send information once Steam keys are available for use. It also means it's our first digital distribution platform besides our own, which means another way for the community to grow further and bring in more players."

For an indication as to what the alpha will bring, here's the video of the latest development live-stream:

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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