Planet Coaster rolls out Hollywood-inspired Studios Pack

Exploding buildings, police shootouts, human-devouring megasharks and zombie apocalypse are just some of the scenes you can now subject your audience to. Planet Coaster's Studios Pack is rolling. 

Out now, the Hollywood studios-themed DLC brings with it two coasters, a new ride, 19 scenery blueprints, 20 special effects, 127 character animatronics, and 85 scenery items—including a back lot and city props—among a host of other new features. The sum of those can be found within this Steam Community update, whereas a glimpse of them in motion can be viewed here:

"You are the director," says developer Frontier in a statement. "Create legendary moments and build the ultimate Hollywood Studios Park with new studio-themed scenery and wall sets. Combine new city props, vehicles, construction props and metropolis wall tiles together with Planet Coaster’s existing themes to bring the silver screen to life.

"Create your own all-action blockbuster park by extending the pirate adventure, sci-fi spectacle or award-winning western themes and take park guests behind the scenes on a backlot tour where stunt people dive from rooftops, special effects dazzle and scenery explodes."

A coinciding update is available to all players, adds the dev, the highlights of which include path tunneling and hotels. The former adds two new modes to the game's path editor whereby tunneling creates a radius around paths, similar to how coaster tunneling works elsewhere. 

Hotels, on the other hand, let players boost their park population above the standard rating allowance, and are judged by prestige levels tied to cleanliness and nearby player-built scenery. Again, full details on all of that can be perused this-a-way

Planet Coaster's Studios Pack is out now via Steam and the Frontier Store and costs £7.99/$10.99.