Planet Coaster Anniversary Update adds a scenario editor and new rides later this month

Planet Coaster's one-year anniversary falls on November 17. The game's Anniversary Update won't quite make that date, but it'll be close—Frontier Developments has announced that it will be out on November 22, with a scenario editor, new rides, a Staff Management building, new picnic benches, and interchangeable coasters. 

First, because of course they're first, the rides: The Weisshorn is a "classic fairground ride," Frontier said, Hop the Gaps is a "rickety side friction ride," and there's also finally a water coaster to ride called the Cascade. The Monte Leone is a more compact version of the Weisshorn with no roof and a smaller control booth to make it more easily customizable, and finally there's the Zenith, a hydraulically-launched "master class in roller coaster engineering" that tops out at 175 miles per hour.   

The update will also feature themed canopies and autumnal trees, management and interface changes, the ability to change biome backgrounds, new curbs and barriers to help manage the flow of traffic, and customizable text on coasters—whatever you name them will now appear on the coaster. (Will "Unstoppable Bullet Train of Screaming Death" impact ticket sales? I guess we'll find out!) 

Ahead of the release of the Anniversary Update—which will be free, by the way—Frontier will show off the new scenario editor during a livestream set for November 15. The exact timing hasn't been announced, but it's a safe bet that whenever it goes down, you'll be able to watch it on Twitch

Andy Chalk

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