Plan 8 is a gritty-looking "exosuit MMO shooter" coming from the developers of Black Desert Online

South Korea is holding the G-Star Gaming Expo today, and Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss is on hand to show off three upcoming games. Among them is Plan 8, which the studio describes as an "exosuit MMO shooter."

Fortunately, there's more to go on than that. A new trailer has debuted, and it provides a look into Plan 8's gritty world of malevolent murder-bots and the mechanically-enhanced humans who fight them. Based on the teaser, the exosuits available range from speed-enhancing rigs that allow for Titanfall-style wall running to a pair of insect-like wings that allows players to hover above the ground and perhaps even fly.

Of note, particularly for PC players, is the fact that Minh "Gooseman" Le is attached to the project. Le was one of the two developers behind the original Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life.

It's not immediately clear what Pearl Abyss means with the "MMO" side of the description, but the video shows players pulling what appear to be ability-based combos, and that looks rather cool.

There's no release date announced for Plan 8 yet, but you can sign up for updates at the official site.

Thanks, Kotaku.