Peter Molyneux's The Trail: Frontier Challenge is now on Steam

22 Cans' "new" game The Trail: Frontier Challenge is actually a rework of a mobile game it released in 2016. Studio boss Peter Molyneux said in July that it would "take the core gameplay and narrative" of the mobile version, and "reimagine" it for Steam as a more strategic experience. It was expected to be ready for release this summer, and sure enough, today is the day

The Trail is an innovative game where players from across the globe can explore together as they collect, craft, trade, and journey to Eden Falls, a frontier town just beyond a vast mountain range," the studio said. "As players amass fortune and notoriety, they work together to build a thriving community and ultimately become the leader of the most successful town in the new frontier." 

The PC version of the game will feature new weather effects that will impact player progress, as well as improved clothing and gear that will confer various buffs. Once Eden Falls is reached, players can take on one of five professions—Explorer, Hunter, Lumberjack, Cook, or Tailor—each with its own unique skill tree.  And while the mobile versions are free with in-game purchase options, the PC edition is the full game, sans microtransactdions, for $15/£11/€15.   

Andy Chalk

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