PES 2018 has an unofficial player-made World Cup mode

FIFA may hold the official World Cup 2018 license, but that hasn't stopped rival PES getting in on the action. Courtesy of its ever-dedicated community, Konami's footie sim can now also take part in the greatest show on Earth.

As reported by Eurogamer, the player-made PTE patch introduces a World Cup-themed menu to PES 2018, alongside scoreboards, new logos, country flags, an official intro video and authentic advertising and stadium boards. 

The following ten minute video dives deeper, showing off strips, lineups, formations, national anthems, and even true-to-life player tattoos from 1.20 onward.

Despite losing its acclaimed Champions League license this season, we learned last month that PES 2019 will ship with seven new domestic leagues. With this project in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if UEFA's CL and Europa League counterpart turn up in an unofficial capacity in the coming months.  

I guess we'll find out either way when PES 2019 lands on August 30. Till then, check out the best sports games on PC

More information on PES 2018's PTE Patch lives this way